Feb 23, 2007

IF Topic: Communication

Amazing that chatting is so fast!

Feb 22, 2007

A natural model

You can hold it for a little bit more can't you...?

Feb 20, 2007

Animated Bananuffins!

Here's a little flash animation I'm working on for Banana Muffins!
Still some work to be done, but I thought I'd share! :P

(If you can't see anything, you may need to download the latest FLASH PLAYER)

Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh no, you can only guess what happens next!!!

Feb 11, 2007

Get off the Toilet!

I tried a different style of drawing, not my favorite way to draw, but something different...

Feb 10, 2007

IF - Crash 2

I know.. it sucks! :P but it's a crash. I had an idea for it that was better - but I somehow forgot it. And I ended with this cause I stressed! And so be it. :P Well - this is what happens when you sleepover (and drink a lot of water before bedding).
You should probably click it.

Feb 9, 2007

Feb 7, 2007

Illustration Friday Topic: Sprouts

The layout isnt too exciting but I wanted to try a mini comic.

Monkey Dream

Weee. :P
I was so busy at work today and my ride stressed to leave so I couldnt stay longer to make something. And so I made this when i got home. :P on my ibook with a jumpy mousepad. Yes, jumpy.
Wellwellwell. It's something. And one thing is sure: the next will be better.
Cheers, dreamers!

Bath time

Feb 6, 2007

"But I'm stuffed!"

I cleaned up that sketch I showed you earlier and made you nicer and me meaner! :P

"But I made Muffins"

Okay. BananaMuffin Nomero 1.
yes yes, - easy start.

bananuffin is born

I am now 1 second older and counting!