Mar 10, 2007

IF Topic: Wired

I really need to get a cell phone!


rusz said...


Michelle Lana said... one!

Josy said...

Ohhhhh, I have had this problem.

...Usually with a dog leash and a dog, but I've had issues with phone wires since I've gotten out of the habit of dealing with them.

Cute. :)

Mac McRae said...

Cool muffin!
I like the way your lines are connected and loose like an automatic drawung. Great work.

carga said...

very funny your illu...nice

Muffin said...


so.. piotty, how's it going with.. us?

ai.. when i get back i wont be able to draw muffin, im sure.

Piotr said...

hey muff, i was busy getting my animation finished for the deadline...i have some time now so i'm going to upload on here...dont worry! :P