Jun 4, 2007

IF Topic: Your Paradise

A different style for fun


Maybelle said...

Fun and invigorating!!! The green monkey reminds me of some sort of polical satire... hahahaha... if you don't mind, I'll call it the greedy green one lol :)

Muffin said...

hahaha, and that puffin is awesome. :D love the hairdo on the monkey too.

and oh man, - if I'd look like that on the beach I surely would not go there very often. ;P

Paradise looks a lot like Hawaii, dont you think? :P

Piotr said...

i really messed up on you for this one, too many bananas for breakfast!

it could be anywhere as long as there is the three having fun!

mcscrub said...

thanks for the laugh paridise does need lotsa humor great job

Anonymous said...